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  • This site is now closed. I will not be updating it any more. Unfortunately another opportunity presented itself and I simply don't have the free time to devote to this website now. I've received a lot of positive feedback though, and consequently I've decided to leave the site online for posterity. Hope it helps. CJ.

What Ever Happened to the Gentleman?

Fred Astaire used to be someone to aspire to. He danced, he sang, he smiled, he dressed well and he got to hang with Ginger Rogers (yes, she was a babe). Hell, he could even get away with using an old tie for a belt in his later years, which today would, at the very least, draw a raised eyebrow.

So what happened to men like him? Gentlemen. A gentleman is polite, intelligent, witty, talented, modest, well dressed, well groomed, and culturally aware. How did guys get so afraid of these personality traits? Personally, I think they've got so desperately caught up in trying to prove themselves that they'll scratch themselves in public, listen to gangsta rap, and get so drunk they vomit and start fights in front of girls, just so that no-one thinks they like other men. One great advice from The Gentleman's Guide: opap play online

A gentleman though? Well, he knows himself and he's comfortable and confident with it, regardless of what anyone else says. And then they had to go and slap the vaugely negative 'Metro' label on us. No; taking some pride in how you present yourself to other people is simply being a gentleman. I see so many guys floundering, wondering what they should do since the boomer generation before us rejected established notions like (could I say it more?) being a gentleman, in need of some clear and well-written pointers. I know I was.

Hence this site. I've spent a good five years accumulating around 80% of the knowledge about being a gentleman that I'm going to impart, and the rest of my life accumulating the rest cirrus casino . Over and over again I've found myself thinking 'If only someone could collect all this information in some sort of gentleman's guide, instead of me having to search it all out....'

Well, I've taken that role into my own hands. I'm here to help, to advise, and to generally aid men in their quest to better themselves and become gentlemen. I want to save everyone else the effort I've been through and give you a one-stop resource for everything you need to know. I'd love to hear your questions, I'm going to build on my library of articles in the coming weeks and months, and if you're really good I might even tell you how to tell when the right time is to first-kiss that special lady in your life (clue: almost always not on public transport). Got a problem? Then email me (link below) and I'll feed back to you and the rest of the web (though, of course, I won't tell everyone your name if you ask me not to).

I hope all this provides you with the answers you need and if I help just a few guys become gentlemen I'll be very happy indeed.

CJ, 2022

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