The Gentleman's Guide

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Do you need to watch subtitled French movies, wear a turtle-neck sweater, never smile and never watch The Simpsons to be able to have culture in your life? Of course not. In fact, The Simpsons is a more culturally aware show than most. Culture is in the eye of the beholder, but a gentleman is open to several different types of cultural experience.

  • Gin Cocktails - Our society is becoming more of a cocktail culture once again. This is the first part of a guide to various cocktails suitable for a gentleman and how to prepare them.

  • Learning a Foreign Language - Stop being so smug about being born in a country where English is the native tongue! Open your mind to other cultures by learning their language.

  • Oregano Chicken Recipe - Sooner or later there's a good chance you'll need to cook for someone. Maybe parents, guests, or a lady you're trying to impress. It helps to know how to cook something simple yet tasty, so I devised this recipe for oregano-seasoned chicken breast served with mixed vegetables that should give you top marks without requiring a lot of talent.

  • Art Galleries - How intimidating. You need to know all about every artistic movement since the Renaissance, right? Wrong. Galleries are a great place to visit for several reasons and totally accessible even to neophytes like you. Addendum: Don't miss the Saatchi Gallery exhibition The Triumph of Painting from 25/1/2006 to 12/3/2006 at the Leeds City Art Gallery.

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