The Gentleman's Guide

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Women are almost as hairy, sweaty and greasy-skinned as men. Not a fact I want to dwell on, but it serves to illustrate a point - they've got very good at disguising it. Hair can be managed, odour can be controlled and improved, skin can be treated. The products are out there and you don't have to cruise the women's aisles of the chemists to get them.

  • Product - The lowdown on hair styling products - what's out there, how it works, and how you should use it.

  • Scent - You could smell more pleasant. I don't mean to be rude, but really, you could. Here's how.

  • Shaving - So many men shave incorrectly, leading to cuts, razor burns, spots and ingrown hairs. Guys, getting a good shave isn't rocket science and I'm here to tell you how. gentleman's guide to grooming and style

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