The Gentleman's Guide

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Women are from Venus? No, of course not, but they do operate on a slightly different set of rules to men. Not to worry though; it's perfectly possible to learn how to successfully interact with them as long as you're given the right pointers.

  • Flirting - Flirting is not expressing to a woman how attractive you find her; it's gently teasing her because you're attracted. Here's how to be flirtatious.

  • Where to Meet Women - Spent all this time transforming yourself into a gentleman then feeling frustrated that it's difficult to demonstrate your superiority in a nightclub? Here's why.

  • Little Things Women Notice, Part 1 - Women are more aware of the minutiae of our behaviour than most men, and if you're to impress them then you need to know what sort of things they're looking for. This is the first part of an ongoing series on this subject.

  • Introductions - The first hurdle. It's easiest to begin to talk to a woman if you're introduced by a mutual aquaintance but this isn't always possible. How do you approach a woman and what do you say once you have?

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